Has LinkedIn become the new dating site instead of job site?

Has LinkedIn become the new dating site instead of job site?


A couple of months ago I was on LinkedIn looking for a job and came across a post from a couple of ladies stating they were approached by dudes looking for dates.  I thought Wow! That is interesting.  After all, this is LinkedIn!  They went on to explain that LinkedIn is not the place for looking for dates and even went so far to state that it is unethical.  The ladies gave the dudes a good tongue-lashing and asked them to please not look for women/dates on LinkedIn since it is not the platform for dating.  I agreed with them within myself and thought to myself what would I do if I were approached by someone on LinkedIn looking for a date.  

Well, my opportunity finally came!   I woke up one Sunday morning and low-and-be whole I received a personal email from someone on LinkedIn.  He started the email by telling me “What a cute smile” I have on my profile and how “beautiful” I am and how “intriguing” I am to everyone who looks at my profile, and he just couldn’t resist the opportunity to say hello.   Actually, the subject was “Hello there.”  My profile states that I am actively looking for an administrative/legal assistant opportunity.  I know that the bible states “A man that finds a wife finds a good thing,” (Proverbs 18:22) but I am not looking for a pickup on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn was established on May 5, 2003 for the sole purpose of professional networking and employer’s posting open positions.  I must admit that LinkedIn has changed recently with posts similar to what is commonly seen on Face Book.  I thought the primary purpose of LinkedIn was to network and create professional relationships.  LinkedIn has been setup where one can follow companies, but not follow individuals while looking for a date OR mate!

On the other hand, some of you might be saying that there is nothing unethical about looking for a mate or date on LinkedIn.  It’s true that you never know where you might meet your “soul mate”, but if your sole purpose of trolling LinkedIn is to find a date – then in my opinion it is unethical.  There are numerous dating sites where one can setup their profile and find their connection.  LinkedIn was not established for dating.  I’m just saying….

In addition, I decided to read the email again to see if I missed anything about networking or offering me a job in my field.  Nope, nothing in his email appealed to my plight about looking for a job or steady income.  He claims he was “browsing” through LinkedIn when he came across my profile, pulsed and couldn’t resist to simply say hello after having seen such beauty.  He went on to apologize for writing such a personal message since he understands that LinkedIn is a professional networking site that prohibits such, but he just couldn’t resist to say hello and that is why he decided to reach out to my personal email.  He wants to respect the terms of LinkedIn.  He ended the email asking if I mind staying in touch, he wants to know more about me, and ended the email by asking if I am married/in a relationship?

Apparently, reaching out to individuals on LinkedIn is becoming prevalent, and I would love to hear your thoughts as this appears to be happening to a number of individuals.  I have not decided how I am going to handle the situation.  Currently, I am thinking about not answering the email, and hope this individual go away, or contact someone else.  Should I call him out on LinkedIn since he hopes to hear from me soon?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Also, have you been approached on LinkedIn only to discover that they are trying to find a date OR mate?  If so, please share your story and how you handled the situation.

By the way, in case you’re wondering if I’ve looked up this individual and his profile, the answer is No – not yet!